Ponsse Raccoon Prototyp

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Re: Ponsse Raccoon Prototyp

Beitrag von m1sf1t » Di 8. Mär 2016, 10:14

sorry to be a pest but could you please help me, the mod loads properly without error and appears in the shop, but when i try and purchase it, i get the error message: The vehicle/implement can not be purchased. Try again.

i really wanted to test my frankenstien setup, it doesn't look to bad as a in the editor.

leider eine Plage sein, aber könnten Sie mir bitte helfen , die mod Lasten richtig ohne Fehler und erscheint im Geschäft, aber wenn ich versuche und kaufen es , erhalte ich die Fehlermeldung : Das Fahrzeug / Gerät kann nicht gekauft werden. Versuch es noch einmal.

Ich wollte wirklich mein frankenstien Setup zu testen , ist es nicht als ein im Editor schlecht aussieht.


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Re: Ponsse Raccoon Prototyp

Beitrag von w1der » Di 14. Jun 2016, 15:22

Hello and thank you for the great mod(s) and this amazing website/forum!

I have set this tree harvester up to cut from 0.001m to 10.359m in increments of 5.179m (to fit my lumber trailer with auto load function, that fits max 5.2m logs).
(I am making them slightly shorter than 5.2m, because sometimes the cut gets not so straight, making the log slightly longer than 5.2 causing a conflict with the autoload.)
Together with the mod ... https://www.modhoster.com/mods/manual-c ... -harvester ...these settings makes it possible to feed the tree in reverse when selecting "0m".
I have been experimenting with this to get a more realistic vehicle with better possibility for "stacking".
Has any one else tried this?

However the "feeding animation" when doing this is super fast, causing the harvester to "move" and sometimes the tree shoots out of the "feeder".
Is there a way to make the reverse animation slower and also deactivate the "cut" when "0" is selected?

It would also be great if the cutting head was able to "tilt" and with "0" selected it would then be able to pick a log up from the ground ... :pray


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