Kotte Universal Pack V3.2

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Re: Kotte Universal Pack V3.2

Beitrag von BlueyesKC » Mi 9. Nov 2016, 13:30

Hi everybody ..... i've downloaded your great mod in the subject but I have a problem with the huge mobile storage tank ..... When this is filled I can't move it. Even if I try with biggest tractors or trucks is impossible to move it properly..... So i suppose somebody could suggest me the right tractor able to do it. And oh, I've even tried with a 1200 kg weight in front. Nothing.....
Is there any solution?
Best regards and thank you.

ps. Maybe not the wheels only under the back? 4 wheels would work better?

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Re: Kotte Universal Pack V3.2

Beitrag von LUKAS 18 » Sa 26. Nov 2016, 09:55

hallo kurze frange kann man die Taste X wo auf entlehren liegt durch eine Taste ersetzten weil wenn ich was hineinfühlen will muss ich x drücken und so entlehrt er sich ja auch wieder

danke im vorraus

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Re: Kotte Universal Pack V3.2

Beitrag von ice » Sa 19. Aug 2017, 00:42

Hat sich erledigt.


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