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Re: RealTime v1.2.14

Beitrag von Bauer Hannsen » Fr 29. Jul 2016, 23:07

That's right. But try the short form of your day's names. I am very sure that those also exists in (where do you live? polska?) I am sure that there are 3 digits short names for the days. Try that. I have just improved marhu's realtime script, and I used always short forms of a day, normally three digits in the languages I was able to translate. I would appreciate if you could do the same and name me your favorite language and the translations so I can improve the mod and name you as the translator for your language in the credits. I also appreciate if you could send me the modified moddesc.xml to import that to the mod and upgrade it.

For your information and my exulpation: I just improved marhu's script and I have very low programer's skills. I tried and I errored. And did that again until i got an useable result. So I really couldn't find a solution fitting short forms of the week's days with more than 3 digits.

So I hope to get your help and espacially your charity for the fact that I am not really able to help you if the short form of the weekdays in your language exceed the international three digits norm.

Bei allen Mods/Maps/Scripten, die von mir angepasst oder erweitert wurden, ist außer mir ausschließlich der Originalautor berechtigt, das an anderer Stelle zum Download bereit zu stellen. Für alles von mir Erstellte gilt: Kein Upload an anderer Stelle!


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