MischStation Mod - Modification Help/ Request

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MischStation Mod - Modification Help/ Request

Beitrag von Priority10 » Mo 29. Mai 2017, 07:46

Hello, I am playing Farming Simulator 2015 and I am trying to feed my cows more efficiently. I have found that the MischStation mod suits me well though I have one small problem with it, and that is it takes awhile for it to fill up with the cow feed.

Being curious, I opened up the "LiveTicker.lua", "MischStation.lua", and "MischStation.xml" files onto Eclipse to see if I could try and change a few things. However, that proved to me more difficult than I would have thought, in which I have came here.

Please if I could get help on what to do, or a links to help, all is appreciated.

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Re: MischStation Mod - Modification Help/ Request

Beitrag von joker301069 » Mo 29. Mai 2017, 20:45

You don´t need to Change the lua to produces faster.

Code: Alles auswählen

self.foragePerHour = Utils.getNoNil(getUserAttribute(self.nodeId,"foragePerHour"),  1000);
You can specify in the GE userattribute "foragePerHou" how fast the production should.
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