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Schweinemast mod

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Schweinemast mod

Beitragvon wickedset » Do 27. Nov 2014, 08:55

Sorry but I only speak English.

I have put Schweinemast mod into my map and am getting a few errors I am not sure about, so I ask if you can help please.
The most troubling, to me, are the errors in SchweineZucht.lua line 551 and 745, but they may all be because I have made a mistake somewhere.
Attached my log.txt
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PS I have all this working in my personalized map for 2013 and do thank you very much.

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Re: Schweinemast mod

Beitragvon Marhu » Do 27. Nov 2014, 11:14

you have put the files in map1a/map/models/buildings/SchweineMast/map/models/buildings/SchweineMast/
it is wrong
copy the filles of SchweineMast in the map1a/map/models/buildings/SchweineMast folder.
halte deine Log sauber!

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Re: Schweinemast mod

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Beitragvon wickedset » Do 27. Nov 2014, 20:25

Thank you Marhu, all but one of the errors have gone, sorry to have made such a silly mistake, but, the doors work and a pig has appeared in the stall after buying in the store.

This is the one remaining error:
Error: failed to load particle system data/vehicles/particleSystems/wheatParticleSystemLong.i3d

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