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Fattening Barns Pig, Cows, Chicken2

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Fattening Barns Pig, Cows, Chicken2

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Beitragvon farmboy002 » Fr 13. Okt 2017, 03:46

Does anyone know how to set up these barns correctly? I never have figured out how to get the barn count to go down as animals are ready for slaughter. If anyone can tell me how to fix this I'll do it myself, Or if someone would be as so kind to download Iowa Farms And Forestry and fix this so the barn count will go down so you have to buy more animals again I'd really appreciate it. And re-upload the map as fixed. I've looked at other maps with the fattening chickens where it is working correctly but I just am not seeing what I did wrong in setting it up in my maps. Thanks

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