Buffalo with lock script

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Buffalo with lock script

Beitrag von w1der » Fr 22. Jul 2016, 11:28

I have been looking for forestry equipment with better "log handling" over the stock equipment.

Surely someone must have thought about adding a "lock script" to the "claws" for the Buffalo ... but I have not been able to find this.

I am thinking about a similar lock script as a lot of "baling equipment has" ... ones you have the logs in the grip ... push a button to prevent the logs to fall out of the grip until you want to open the claws again.
If this was possible ... it would be even more awesome if the "lock" was initiated automatically ones the claws has a tight grip of the logs and the similar way when you want to let go of them

It is so frustrating the way the logs act today ... almost as if they where "magnetic" and trying to get away from each other in the claws.
As soon as you start rotating the tool they start moving the opposite way from each other and often ending up forcing themselves out of the claws.


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