I am looking for FS13 UPK V1.2.3

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I am looking for FS13 UPK V1.2.3

Beitrag von RankinFarms » Mi 15. Sep 2021, 03:19

I am not sure if anybody will bother to read this, but here goes.
I apologize to any viewer, as this is in English and I am in Canada.
I have been playing some FS13 maps and find I need UPK version 1.2.3 to take care of a specific mod.
Does anybody have this version to share?
The map is Wickham Farm by MSC.
4 Seasons Forrest Map by Jerrico also uses the same mod built-in.
The mod is called Chickenfarm by SBorg.
It creates chickenfeed and liquidegg from several raw materials supplied.
The chickenfarm.i3d specifies using UPK V1.2.3.
I have made it almost work by adding some text lines to UPK V.1.1.0 modDesc.xml by listing the products involved.
I can make product, view the displays, but am unable to properly load any new product to transport.

I confess that I am unsure how to register the new products so they can be handled in the game.
Is that done with one of the ZZZmultifruit mods? If so, how?
I was hoping some kind gamer would help me to make the required edits to make it work.

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Re: I am looking for FS13 UPK V1.2.3

Beitrag von SBorg » Mi 15. Sep 2021, 12:47

Hi, meanwhile i read your PN. Sorry, i was here for a couple (?) of years not online, but i saw your post :)
Unfortunately mor2000 stopped the development for the great UPK with LS17 and i have no longer any version.
So if i still right, the fruitTypes e.g. "liquidegg" registered in the modDesc.xml (Chickenfarm) and the only thing you'd to do, add in the modDesc.xml of your preferred Trailer (or in any Selltrigger) "liquidegg" to the supported fruitTypes.


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