Modifying product type in a Placeable Mod?

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Modifying product type in a Placeable Mod?

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I am working in LS/FS17. GE7

Compost_Lager mod using fabrikscript.

I like the esthetics of the mod within my personal build at a nursery. I want to change the Compost In/Out to Manure In/Out

I already scaled it down 25% and its perfect size for a single truck unloading. I was wondering is what I need to modify in the LUA or is it within the other XML's (Moddesc or Compost_Lager).

or is it in the i3d file within text editor? I see the entries for the fill type, I can change those to manure and I have the files i am going to use. But can i leave the internal mod still named compost or should i change all the fields?

So I got it to run but there is an alert, i think the original creator of the mod put two lines together because one counter is on the floor and the other is on the overhead spigot.. so when it transfers the load from the floor to the spigot as i drive away it transfers it and I get an empty message from the PDA... The mod works great other than that.

How do I get it to just having one counter and so the alerts stop?

Much appreciations.
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Re: Modifying product type in a Placeable Mod?

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How the mod is called is not relevant to its function ! If you want to change the FillType you have to do it at the input, output and silo trigger.
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